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The first letter denotes the basic color. Y=Yellow, R=red or rose, etc. The next letter is L for light M for medium and D for dark for further color description. Then we have the number of the specific alloy. If casting additives are in the recipe, the number is followed by a “c” for casting. 

Volume discounts do apply. Up to $3.50 less per Toz at 100Toz! 10Toz per alloy saves $1.0 per Toz. 

The Essential Elements

Great alloys are made from the purest elements. We spare no expense to get OFHG (oxygen free high grade) copper, the reddish element shown.  Also critical is extremely pure silver, and lastly pure zinc, the blue gray metal. When called for we turn to a variety of trace additives to make the formulas work at their best in your shop. Because we make these alloys in house we can also make any recipe you have and need. We work up custom precious metals and alloys regularly. 


Custom Alloys As Needed

You might need something special. Custom work sometimes calls for custom blends. We can make almost any jewelry alloy for you. Our expertise and your creativity are a powerful match to make high quality truly custom jewelry. 


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