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 About Daniel Ballard

Like many of us, jewelry making was the family business.  My grandfather would tell me stories of his father making his own refined gold and master alloys, circa 1916. My grandfather was the guy to see for white gold in Los Angeles after maker in Pforzheim Germany pioneered the color of gold years earlier. I was maybe ten years old when he first fascinated me at the bench.

In 1986 I fell in with Keith Weinstein and his company PMWest, was then blessed with mentors and opportunities to really learn precious metallurgy from the inside out.  Looking back I can’t believe how lucky I was. I got to learn and work R&D with Marc Robinson, Steven Kretchmer, MJSA task forces, other public engagements. Plus my sales/service job took me to all kinds of shops. Casting, stamping, setting houses. I even had the opportunity to write and do photography for trade magazines like AJM. Now it’s a new company made for a new era. 

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Jeweler’s Alloy Company is how we combine four generations of experience with a modern technology and business model. That model is designed to make your job easier and your product better. We can only be as successful as our customers.

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