Goldsmiths Can Cast Easier than Ever

After a quick visit to the Atlanta Jewelry show, I was struck by a significant change.  The smaller scale equipment that has come out in concert with the CAD/Custom jewelry trend puts simple casting in reach of smaller shops than ever. Smaller generally means more...

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Ride High On Hydrogen

Let's remember when it's smart to keep the equipment simple and affordable. You the designer or jeweler make far more difference than the equipment does. For torch work in casting hydrogen is far and away the best to actually use. Plenty of heat, and as you dial the...

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Torch Song

Torch Song By Daniel Ballard Whether using a Torch or Electricity to melt your precious metal, you need to know the pros and cons of your melting method. Gases used in melting precious metals run the gamut of flammable compounds. Many are derived from the...

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